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The newest way for Douglas County businesses to work together to increase brand awareness, tourism, and events. Douglas County Deals is a site where businesses can post deals for online purchase, customers can purchase those deals for a discount, then redeem them at the business location.

Build Brand Awareness

Nothing introduces people to your business better than a great deal that entices new customers to get to know your business.

Gain Customer Loyalty

Your customers will be able to share your deals with their friends and family via social media, making word of mouth sales even easier.

Reduce Marketing Costs

Benefit from the collective marketing power of dozens of businesses across Douglas County. No upfront fees!

Benefit From eCommerce

If you don’t have eCommerce options for your business, this is a great way to provide online options to your customers.

How It Works


List Your Deal

Create a deal for a specific product or service you offer. You will list the normal price and a deal price. 20% of the price of the deal will be paid to Everything Umpqua as a commission fee. 


Customers Buy It

When a website visitor purchases your deal, they will receive a voucher with a unique code. You will receive the money for that purchase within a few business days.


Redeem The Code 

When a customer comes to your business they will provide you their unique code, and you will use the website to redeem the code.

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If you have any questions please email or call 541-622-9943